Access to living and learning abroad.

Lingo, founded in 2004, is an Icelandic firm offering consultancy services and agency representation for international schools in Acting, Business, Design, Fine Art, Fashion, Filmmaking, Management, and Visual Communications. Additionally, Lingo offers courses through training centers specializing in languages for language acquisition and improvement.
Our international counterparts have been carefully selected. They all stand for excellence in customer service, expertise, and offer their services within good facilities.
Lingo applies extensive training solutions, ensuring that you – as an individual or a company – enjoy a rewarding experience and gain a higher level of competence.
The Lingo method is to provide personal and professional quality services to motivated people who want to broaden their educational horizons and be competitive on a global scale.
Our policy is to maintain high standards and develop long-term relationships with our clients and counterparts.

Courses, Programs and Events Offered:

• Studies at International Universities, within the Creative Industries.
• Specialized Language Courses: Executive, Professional and General.
• Lingo Education Fair Reykjavik: An event initiated in 2013.


The management team at Lingo has extensive knowledge, expertise and communications skills, gained through many years of experience in international education, marketing and cultural exchange.

Thruda Jonsdottir – Director Sales & Services | thruda@lingo.is
Thruda worked at the Immigration Office of Iceland for several years before she obtained a position with Icelandair, where she served for ten years in flight operations.
In 1990 she established VistaeXchange, a firm specializing in cultural exchange. She built up and managed VistaeXchange for 12 years during which time she gained thorough experience of the professional sphere at the international level, as well as in international relations. For eight years Thruda handled applications and allocations for EU – Leonardo da Vincy grants – for young workers and students. In addition, she served on the boards and committees of global organizations in this field.
In 1999 she was an interim manager at the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) in Cape Town, South Africa, where she oversaw 7 branches for four months. Furthermore, she participated in founding “Studentaferdir”, a youth travel agency, in 2002 and worked there for one year developing their services.
In 2004 she was one of the founders of Lingo, where she currently acts as the manager of sales and services.

Sveinn Magnusson – Managing Director  | sveinn@lingo.is
Sveinn has worked in the creative industry for 30 years. His experience is primarily in the disciplines of branding and marketing communications. Strategy has been a keyword in his working method, which he has applied to projects using constructive solutions allowing the visions of dreamers and realists alike to come to fruition.
After concluding his studies in marketing communications in Stockholm in 1979, Sveinn started a career in Reykjavik, Iceland. Three years later he founded “Essemm”, an advertising and marketing consultancy, which operated it in that form for 15 years.
By 1990 he participated in two projects simultaneously which were breaking down barriers that existed at the time.  The first project took place in Iceland, and consisted in building up a new agency in cultural exchange and youth travel. The second project was establishing a company in Stockholm, which specialized in the production of commercials at a time, when Sweden was alleviating a ban on commercials in Television.
In 2004 he was one of the founders of Lingo, where she currently acts as the managing director.